is focused on automatic fire extinguishing systems and fire equipment research and developed, design and production of state-level high-tech enterprises. The main products are vehicles and mechanical equipment automatic fire extinguishing system, heporofluoroproane gas extinguishing system, mobile compressed air foam equipment.

Products are used in mining, petrochemical, transportation, electricity, industry, construction and other fields.


Automatic Fire Suppession System

FK-5112 as the main extinguishing agent, with automatic control system used in automatic fire extinguishing equipment.

At present, we have designed two types of appearance of cabinet and pipe network, and divided into a single bottle group, multi-bottle group has different size specifications, can be used for different occasions.

Easy operate

Convenient and easy to operate.

CCC Authentication

Quality assurance, safety genuine.

Alarm systems

Convenient and easy to operate.


Fire extinguishing automacally to reduce losses.

Not conductive

Convenient and easy to operate.


Green in easy to clean, no residue.


Safe medicine, no poison harmless.

Fast fire Extinguishing

Fire extinguishing quickly reduces damage.